MB Filter Products offers a wide selection of half-masks.

Certified masks.

Half mask respirators, Oxygen masks, dust filter mask, industrial masks - stable masks with an individual fit.

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About us

M-B Filter Products AB was establishead in 1980 and is based on our own technical solutions and inventions. These MB masks are the result of long experience and continuous development.

MB Filter Products offers a wide selection of half-masks in protective classes FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, and FFP3S.

Certified masks

All our masks are tested according to EN 149, EN149:2001+A1:2009, and are CE-certified. MB respirators have a unique design that provides high comfort, free eyesight, and a very low weight – without compromising with safety issues.

Stable masks with an individual fit

MB respirators are ergonomically shaped for a stable, tight fit. They will retain their shape in very warm and humid environments. The filter area will not change due to environmental changes. In addition to this MB breathing masks have a low breathing resistance.

MB respirators are equipped with easily adjustable rubber straps and a nose-clip that gives a better individual fit. MB half-masks does not obstruct eyesight and are especially suited for use in combination with glasses and eye-protective gear.

Breathing valves and tightening rims

Breathing valves are optional in all MB respirators. The breathing valve reduces breathing resistance and increases air circulation inside the mask. As a result the quality of inhaled air is improved and the temperature inside the mask is lowered. Mark 30, Mark 32V, MB61V are fitted with a soft tightening rim that provides a better fit to the face, with increased comfort and protection as additional benefits.

Allergy tested and flameproof

MB respirators are allergy tested, flameproof, and capable of handling high humidity.

Manuals and documentation

MB respirators are delivered with a detailed manual and warning prescriptions in 11 different languages.

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